10 Simple Steps to
a Healthy Immune System
​for Women!

20 years of research to help fellow women to get science-based facts about living healthy, safe and smart to help support a strong immune system.

Hey! I'm Donna.

When my second child was born, I began learning about the many toxins found in the home. I began finding so much misinformation, half truths and even deception about everyday products as well as supplements.

Since then I've been on a tangent researching living a healthy life.
In fact, it all began in 2000 and I've learned a lot!

It's hard to decipher what really works and what is the truth, so I put this guide together,
with over 20 years of research, to help fellow women
cut through the noise to get the facts about living
healthy, safe and smart to help support a strong immune system.


This guide will share science-based information about ...


  • Pathogens - What they are, how they work and the daily things we use everyday that can help or hurt our bodies.

  • Probiotics & Fiber - How bacteria helps activate your immune system and how probiotics and fiber work together to ensures toxins are swept from the body.

  • Free Radicals - What they are and how to support your body's ability to generate its own natural antioxidant enzymes that help fight free radicals..

  • Inflammation - How it affects the body and two of the best things you can do to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

  • Vitamin D - Why it's critical to a healthy body and strong immune system and why most people are deficient and how to get what you need.

  • And simple steps & recommendations to enjoy a strong immune system!

10 SIMPLE Steps to a healthy immune system to guard you and your family from germs, bacteria & viruses, without hype, myths or misinformation.

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